Falling in Love Alone

As we all go through the lovely chaos of dating you will sometimes find yourselves on different wavelengths. Just like anything else one of you may develop feelings quicker than the other or at the very least a little more intense than your partner.
When that happens you may feel a paralyzing fear of inadequacy. But there is really no need. There is not a rule set in stone that says you should both feel the exact same thing at the exact same time.
Some people take longer than others to really open up and let themselves be vulnerable to giving someone else their heart. Yes in a perfect romantic situation both parties would fall in love at the same time and live happily ever after just like the fairy tales. But that’s just it, those are fairy tales.
In reality those feelings may happen instantly or they make take time. But are you really willing to risk running to avoid possible rejection when in reality it may just take time for someone to catch up to where you are? Give things time to develop, see where they go and you just might find yourself the recipient of the relationship of your dreams.

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