Ghosts from your Past


It never fails, as soon as you move on and seem happy in a new relationship the ghosts from your past are sure to show up. Everything from those that just want to say hello or tell you they miss you to the ones who claim to want to congratulate you and wish you well.

There may very well be a really small percentage that truly want to wish you well. But for the most part it’s for purely selfish reasons. For some of them, it’s genuinely surprising that you would move on and find happiness with someone else, to others you suddenly appear so much more appealing now that you are with someone new. Of course there will be those who are simply trying to be nosey.

Keep all these conversations to a minimum. There is no need for long text messages, phone calls or visits for old times sake. Of course you can respond, you don’t have to be rude.

Keep it short and to the point. Don’t engage in any communication you would not appreciate your new partner doing with one of their exes. Just as you would find it disrespectful, show your new relationship the same respect.

The people in your past are in the past for a reason. Leave them there. Don’t risk your new relationship and potential happiness looking back.


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