Dating a Betrayed Man

At some point in all your dating ventures there is a very high chance that you will one day date a man who has been cheated on. Believe it or not it happens, more than you may now. While menmay love to put on an air of strength and invincibility, they can be extremely hurt by betrayal of this nature. That type of hurt can and will impact their future relationships.

Does this mean you should avoid getting involved with a man who has been hurt in this manner? Absolutely not. Just as women have a past that men accept in order to be involved with them, women should be willing to make the same adjustments. A man has the capacity to love extremely hard, once he truly lets down any walls and lets a woman in completely. That woman becomes the one person he counts on to always have his back, the one person he can always trust, in other words the Queen to the King in him. Once a man has been betrayed by someone he has placed that much faith in, it is sometimes difficult for him to recover immediately. Difficult but not impossible.

If you want to be with this man, you will need to accept certain eccentricities in the beginning. It will take time for him to trust you completely, probably more time than you are used to in arelationship. There may be more questions or concerns about where you are, who you are with or perhaps who else you communicate with of the opposite nature. Do not intentionally do things that you know will make him question you in effort to get attention.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a big difference between a man who is jealous and a man who has trust issues from hurt at this level. Know the difference. Try to understand the impact this type of betrayal has made on him and be willing to do what it takes to show him that you are not the same woman that hurt him. Show him that he can count on you, trust you and confide in you about any and all concerns he may have without fear of judgement. You will not regret it in the long run. As that man opens up completely to you and lets you all the way in, you will be able to see the King under all those layers. A man that will love, cherish and adore you in ways you can only imagine.

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