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How Are You?

Nervous African Woman Breathing Calming Down Trying To Relieve S

There is too much going on right now, we all know that. First, we were all quarantined in our homes for what seemed like forever. Then we were running around wearing masks and using hand sanitizer like lotion every five seconds. Of course, we are still juggling jobs, family and friend commitments as well. During it all we were suddenly fighting a Black Lives Movement with renewed vigor.

Now do not get me wrong, most of us have always been fighting racism in some form or fashion, from the moment we were born. For some reason now, it seems like everyone else sees what we have been trying to tell them our entire lives. But I digress.

In the middle of all this, I hope you are taking time to breathe. Yes, everything is important and needs our attention. But let us be honest, things pretty much always need our attention! With so much going on it is crucial that you are taking care of you. If you need to take a step back from the cause for a moment and focus on your emotional well-being, so be it. We get so caught up in trying to be everything for everyone that we sometimes forget our needs. Burning yourself out will solve nothing. Get the rest you need. Drink your water. Make sure you are handling your stress in healthy ways. Get some type of exercise. And just take a moment, to just be.

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No Sick Days Allowed

As women we rarely slow down, much less stop for illness, pain or a bad day. We are mothers, significant others, sisters and overall caregivers. Our job never ends. We may punch out at the end of the day only to start our other job when we get home.

While our jobs may offer sick days, we rarely use them unless we are using them to care for someone else. When it comes to health and fitness, our first thought is that we just don’t have time. But let’s be honest with ourselves. If we can’t take 30 mins to an hour out of a day to work out how can we spare weeks or days when our body starts to shut down? If we ignore the signs our body and spirit gives us, we are only hurting ourselves. At some point it is crucial to stop and evaluate what we need for our own well being. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of anyone else.