Every year, we promise to do better. We will shop earlier, get it out the way, not stress ourselves out. And yet, somehow, we find ourselves here each time. Stressed and trying to find some last-minute gifts for people in our lives. So to help ease the stress just a little, I have compiled a quick list of some suggestions that just may help out in a pinch. All of the items below are still showing a note that they will arrive before Christmas as of the date of this blog. (And all items are under $30 each 😊)

Gifts for Men:

Comfy Slippers with a Sentimental Touch

Beard Grooming Kit

Bartender Kit

Luxury Spa Men’s Sandalwood Gift Set

Gamer Shirt

Funny Boxers

Gifts for Women:

Plush Robes

Candle Sets

Gift Box


Funny Mugs

Gift for Both – Date Night Fun

Hope this list gets you started! Let me know if you have any other go to ideas you like. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This damn pandemic has caused a lot of change for everyone, especially the inability to interact with people like normal. Due to that lack of social interaction, I have been working hard to increase the way I reach out to others. Since the pandemic started well over a year ago, I have made it a point to send more cards and gifts to people because I really wanted to make sure people felt cared about and seen in such a trying time.

What has been interesting have been the responses, or lack thereof. There are a lot of people who just never even bother to acknowledge a gift received, not even just simply to confirm they got it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean children. Children get a free pass, because well, they are children. But grown ass adults are another thing altogether.

While venting about this recently to my husband, he tried to get me to see it differently by reminding me I give without expecting anything in return. That part is true, I have always liked getting people gifts and I do not ever feel that requires getting a gift back. HOWEVER. I do expect acknowledgement of my effort. Even if you don’t like the gift you can say, hey thanks for thinking of me.

The more time I have spent thinking about this lately, my mind has changed a lot. I felt like I was doing this to make others feel less alone, but I realize I was also doing it so that I felt less alone as well.

The petty side of me says if someone is not appreciative, do not ever send them anything else, stop wasting time on people who don’t care about your feelings. The nurturing side keeps arguing that point like the Angel on the other shoulder. Stopping only means changing who I am, and you really do not want to let a few people change your inner light. Be who you are, even if you must find the right people who will appreciate that person.