Some conversations drain you. Let’s just be honest, some people drain you. The negative, angry with the world thing can be too much and zap all your energy out. Recently after looking forward to an event, I lost all excitement in less than an hour, I kid you not. It was a barrage of one person after another complaining about everything. Like aren’t you happy about anything in your life?? Anything?


The thing some of us try to avoid is simply cutting people or situations out of our lives. But sometimes, it’s just what is best for us and our wellbeing. Now obviously there are some people and situations you must deal with, but you can definitely try to limit the time required to a minimum.


Now be really honest with yourself, are you the negative one in your group? The person who is never happy about anything? You may be and not even realize it. Think about your recent interactions with other people and the things you contributed to the conversation. Was any of it positive and upbeat? Or looking back did it just seem like frustration and complaints about everything?


Even if you are the culprit, you can change that. Starting now. Start looking at the things in your life that you have gratitude about. I don’t care how small it may seem. Feeling frustrated about someone giving you attitude at work? Remember you have a job while others are trying hard to find one. Annoyed your husband left the bathroom in disarray yet again? There are widows and divorcees wishing for those moments again. You get the idea. For every negative thought, try to find a positive – even if its just the cup of coffee you are going to go have while you reset your thoughts!


What steps can you do today to make sure you are not the person others dread interacting with?


It’s the end of the year, that time when so many of us start to reevaluate our goals for the new year. Instead of waiting, why not start right now?! Tomorrow is not promised.

As promised, this is the final chapter in my series on women who have already jumped in the fire with both feet in an effort to achieve their dreams. Meet Rachelle Jean-Batiste, owner and operator of ‘For Goodness Cake’.



As successful as she is now, Rachelle never really considered going into business for herself with baked goods. She was quite content selling for a national make-up company when a friend asked her to attend a cake decorating class with her at a craft store. Unbeknownst to that friend the only thing Rachelle really heard was ‘eat & shop’ 🙂

Later she posted a photo of a cake she had done only to be surprised when someone inquired about ordering one. A freind suggested going into business together and the vision was born. However that freind kept procrastinating and taking so long that Rachelle finally decided to make a go on her own. She prayed about a name and the dream began.

That initial class really only taught her the basics so she had to learn the rest on her own. Between YouTube and Internet research she taught herself everything she needed to know.

During all of this her strongest supporter has been her husband. Rachelle credits him as being the one to motivate her at every turn. As she states, he could be flat on the ground and he would still use his last breath to encourage her!

The one word she would say describes her: Confident.

Rachelle’s Empowerment Song is ‘I’m Blessed’ by Charlie Wilson. That song is especially encouraging when she hits obstacles. Her biggest obstacle to date is that she is her own worse critic! Luckily her husband is always there to reassure her!

Rachelle’s advice to other women considering making that leap is simple:

  • Don’t give up!
  • Don’t let other people talk you out of things.
  • Failure is an option. Take that failure and learn from it!
  • Always avoid negativity.

As of now Rachelle is gearing up for the holidays, you can view her work here: and view her holiday specials on the flyer below.


It is imperative that women support and encourage other women in this thing we call life. In that realm, nothing motivates us better than watching another sister take that leap and make it! As promised, this is part two of the three part series on women leaping with both feet to go after their dreams.

This is Ty’Rasha Johnson an Amazing Stylist and Co-owner of EnviedHair LLC specializing in Luxury Hair Extensions.



At the start of her career Ty’Rasha worked for a well known salon as she entered into the world of beauty. While that company offered amazing educational opportunities she found her creativity stifled by the restrictions and limitations of the company.

Ready to step outside of that box she decided to venture out on her own and be her own boss. That decision not only catapulted her career as a stylist but it also forged a bond with the woman that would ultimately become her partner in the launch of EnviedHair LLC.

Looking back, Ty’Rasha considers her friends and family as her strongest support team in both ventures. In addition to being one of her strongest supporters, her boyfriend also serves as her sounding board, encouraging her to bounce ideas off him for honest feedback. He balances her out and helps her maintain tunnel vision.

Education is imperative to launch a career as a stylist. Starting a company as a supplier of quality hair extensions is another ball game entirely. There was no one to hold her hand and guide her. It was simply lots of trial and error. Research, buying and testing products before she would ever dream of offering it to her clients.

When asked what one word she would say described her, Ty’Rasha knew the answer Immediately: Unique! It’s the same word she has used since she was little. Never one to fit just one mold she can mesh with all settings.

Ty’Rasha’s Empowerment Quote? ‘God will not put more on me than I can bear’

That quote provided the necessary strength when obstacles started to make her question her ability to succeed. In addition, she is a strong believer in starting each day off with worship music. It’s a consistent reminder to stay focused and motivated.

Ty’Rasha’s advice to women afraid to take the leap to go after their dreams is very clear:

  • Stop shortchanging yourself!
  • It is a breath of fresh air watching your vision manifest.
  • Live the life you should be living by walking in your truth!

Stay connected with Ty’Rasha and catch the latest deals the company has to offer at the links below:

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Sometimes as women I don’t think we really know just how strong and amazing we really are. So in that realm of thinking I am launching a new series to take a look at a few women who are each amazing in their own individual and unique way, women who have taken a leap and stepped out of the box society sometimes traps us in. Each of these women have trusted in their dream enough to stop dreaming and start doing!

Meet Robyn Richardson of Richardson & Ross Beauty which specializes in makeup applications for weddings, proms and special events.



Robyn recalls an interest in the world of makeup and the magic it entails as far back as her childhood after watching her mother seem to transform herself with each application.

As her interest grew she taught herself more and more through practice and online videos. That attention to detail would soon start a word of mouth awareness among her college peers contacting her for her talents. That alone gave her the inspiration to launch out into business for herself.

Robyn considers her parents as the first tier of her support team back then. As she notes they would ‘gas her up’ to believe she could achieve anything right from the beginning and even more so once they really saw her work. Now she also has her husband who not only believes in her vision but invests in the dream as needed.

After 11 years in the business she joined forces with her partner to form Richardson and Ross Beauty a year ago. As a team the company is gaining recognition for the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.

When asked what one word she would say described her, Robyn’s answer was simple: Dynamic! I couldn’t agree more.

Robyn’s advice to other women ready to pursue their dreams is pretty straight forward:

  • Stay focused on your goal.
  • Keep personal feelings out of business.
  • Sick to your beliefs.
  • Avoid negativity.

Robyn’s Empowerment Song? ‘Happy Feelings’ by Frankie Beverly and Maze

Currently the company is gearing up for holiday and prom business. Later they do plan to add training classes for skincare to their customer base. Contact them or check their services here:


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I have a problem with compliments. Always have. No idea why that is. For as long as I can remember when someone starts complimenting anything from looks, work or talents its makes me a little flustered. Mostly I try to change the subject, redirect the conversation or blow it off.

Normal people show appreciation, accept it for what it is and move on. Not me. At some point I have to figure it out. You know, act like an adult. We went away this weekend, as we met people they kept giving me compliments. More than once I didn’t know how to respond so instead, I said nothing. Do you know how that comes off? It comes off rude. Rude as hell! If anything, it appears that you are some stuck up….

Truth is, it goes back to my own insecurities that I have always had growing up. But have you ever noticed if people think you have no reason to be insecure they tend to blow you off when you try to explain what you feel? Its kind of like when someone smaller in size tells you they feel fat and you blow them off because you have soo much more weight to lose than they do. Well just because you don’t think someone should feel a certain way, does not make it so. We are own worst critics. Always.

Maybe the key is to learn to compliment instead of criticize. You know, those conversations we have with ourselves when we look in a mirror, try on a new dress or contemplate a career change. You know, the ones where we always find something wrong. Instead perhaps its time to force positivity only. Instead of letting insecurities impact choices, accept what is happening then go around it with a better attitude.

Its time to force myself out of my own comfort zone. Stop letting insecurities impact the decisions I make. First step? Accept a compliment with a simple Thank You. And Believe it.

I’m fat. Did I just figure this out? Of course not! I’ve known this for quite some time. Every once in a while, something happens to remind a girl. For me, it was my wedding. I look back at the photos with utter dismay. Don’t get me wrong, I made a beautiful bride. However, I would have loved to look the way I really dreamed of looking on my wedding day. My dress was gorgeous and yet the wrong angles in some photos make me wish I had made another choice.

The rolls, creases and jiggling are endless. Am I sitting in a corner miserable about this? Nope, not at all. On that day, I was happy. Ultimately my wedding was beautiful. Now it’s time to do something about it. There will be several people that say, just love the skin you are in, stop trying to fit into societies version of beauty, etc. etc. Yeah well that’s all fine and good, except – I’m not happy in the skin I’m in. I want more, I know I can achieve more.

First things first. What’s the plan? Well joining a gym was at the top of the list. But instead of a normal gym, we join the gym of all gyms. I’m talking huge. Crowded. Pretty intimidating. Heck this is week four and I only know where certain things are because I’ve been too stubborn to request another tour.

Then there are the tiny little girls in the matching outfits that work out without sounding like they are hacking up a lung. I could trip one of them. But I won’t. Well, don’t push me.

Then there is all the useless research. Do cardio first. No, do weights first then cardio! Trainers are the best choice! No, no classes are the better option! Yeah, yeah. How about for now we just be happy I’m here? Trying. Without using profanity with anyone. Tomorrow is another day.

As girls most of us were raised reading fairy tales where we strive to find our prince charming, once we have him life can begin. Somewhere along the way some of us are forgetting there is a whole life prior to finding the perfect spouse.

There is so much in the world to learn, experience and explore. Yes, finding your mate is important, but so is finding yourself. If you don’t learn and evolve, what are you bringing to the table when you find the perfect one? Suddenly you have nothing to talk about, no experiences to share and quite often no desire to step out of your comfort zone. So yes, you may have great physical chemistry, but believe it or not some men desire more than just sex if they are thinking long term commitment.

How often have you thought about all these things you are going to do? You watched a movie with a bunch of friends taking annual vacations together and got all motivated….for about 5 minutes. You went from all the excitement of imagining it as your crew, to all the reasons it won’t work. Stop thinking about why something can’t work or making excuses to not even try! You want to do something new, then do it. Make a list of all the new things you can do, both alone and with others that takes you out of your comfort zone. Once that list is complete, start making plans. Get people involved, be vocal about what you are doing – gives you less chance of backing out!

Between the day you were born and the day you leave this earth you should be aiming to make as many memories as possible. Stop watching other people on TV, Theaters and Social Media Live the best life they can while you make excuses and wait on a significant other. As I have been telling my friends, my next plan involves regular girl’s trips with them. Why? Because being married should not suddenly stop my connection with my girls. Those things that broaden your horizons and increase your creativity will only improve your relationships with your significant other. Despite what the fairy tales told us as children, your spouse is not solely responsible for your happiness.

What are you doing to step out of your comfort zone and make some new memories? I would love to know! Drop a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @ericaregina71