The Therapist ⭐️⭐️

Not sure what to make of this one. It starts off really, really slowly. The premise is good, there is potential for something better. After dating pretty much long distance Alice and Leo finally move in together when he buys a house in a gated community. He fails to tell her that a murder was committed in the master bedroom previously, which is why the house has been empty for so long. Presumably the husband killed his wife, then later kills himself out of remorse. But the more she learns about the prior occupants, the less she believes he would have killed his wife. Slowly she finds herself trying to investigate what she thinks may have happened, with the assistance of the private investigator that crashes a party at her home. She begins to suspect any and everyone. In the process she also realizes Leo has kept some other secrets from her as well and suddenly does not know who to trust. After such a slow build up, the ending moves really fast and admittedly some of it is really farfetched. It makes it seem the investigators that looked into the original murder were completely inept at their jobs and the entire community didn’t seem to know their friends at all.

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