I Don’t Forgive You – Book Review

Allie moves to a brand-new town with her husband and son. She is looking forward to making new friends and having a nice fresh start in new surroundings. One of the neighborhood parties brings about interesting developments when a local man starts hitting on her in a manner that suggests he knows her. The next day he is found dead.

Suddenly she is being accused of having an affair with this man she swears she never met prior to that night. Text messages and a Tinder profile seem to prove otherwise.

The book has that classic mystery draw, holding your attention in the effort to figure out who did what. Just when you think you know, you realize you don’t know anything. There are some aspects when she should have just come clean about things from her past that just seemed common sense. What’s the point in being married if you don’t feel you can trust your spouse to hear you out?

It does make you a lot more conscious of just how easy it is to have your entire life manipulated thanks to social media and the internet. Almost makes you want to get offline completely. Almost.


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