Married at First Sight New Orleans – The Honeymoons – Episode 6

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The latest episode of Married at First Sight was a little slow for the series. There were not really any dramatic events or stand out moments. For the most part it was insightful and a nice way to continue to set up the season.

Olivia and Brett

Brett, Brett, Brett. What can I say? He does not disappoint in bad behavior. First, he seemed to have issue with the fact that Olivia makes a lot more money than he does. As well as his objection to the idea that she believes she should enjoy life the way she chooses to with her money. She travels a lot, eats out a lot and tries new things. Apparently, this did not sit well with him. This week’s episode saw him  get quite defensive when asked to rate his marriage on a scale of 1 to 10, then proceed to act like a pouting child to Olivia because he was pushed to answer, not by her, but by the others. So of course, it was her fault. Duh! Then he was apparently also upset that he overheard her rate them at a 7 ½. Not sure what score he expected. Heck I was surprised she rated it that high considering his less than stellar performance thus far. She ended up in tears and he did absolutely nothing to stop her leaving the room or at least try to console her in the moment.

Amelia and Bennett

These two continue to move along quite well. This week mostly shows them continue to try to get to know each other, discuss their childhoods and even flirt a little. Well, in the ways they know how to flirt. 😊 Its rather endearing to watch honestly. They even took the time to build a fort in their room to tell scary stories and sleep in. Of course, Amelia eventually falls asleep during one of his longer dialogues, to which he promptly wakes her up so he can continue. When she falls asleep again, he does at least let her sleep.

Christina and Henry

They are both still very awkward when it comes to attempts to communicate with each other. Honestly, I am starting to wonder if production does not like Christina. It almost appears that they purposely show us when she is acting her worse simply because they have had enough of her. At several points when they attempt to ask her a question, she visibly looks annoyed with them, rolls her eyes or gives a death glare. Not to mention snapping at one of them because they called her Christine instead of Christina. Ouch! Henry better make sure he stays on this girl’s good side! They do manage to do some of the activities and mingle with the others, but at this point there is absolutely zero affection of any kind happening between them. That alone is a little concerning regarding what will happen when they leave paradise and get back to reality.

Amani and Woody

These two. As of now, they are still getting along well. Being incredibly open with each other. Lots of affection and romance. One thing I can say, Woody is definitely putting in the effort to make Amani feel special and important to him. Hopefully, he keeps that up as time goes on, sometimes guys start off that way but then change once they feel they have locked a woman down so to speak. But I have high hopes for them continuing to evolve. One highlight to this week’s episode, was that these two ended up consummating their marriage on the final night of the honeymoon. As a matter of a fact, it seems they are the only ones to do so thus far. And they were just as cute and loving with each other the next morning that it was difficult to watch without smiling in anticipation of what’s to come for them.

Karen and Miles

You know, this is another couple I have high hopes for. I really like both of them, but again this week Karen confuses me with her thought process. Miles felt it was time to be really open with some things that she should know, as his wife. He confided that he has been diagnosed with clinical depression that requires he be on medication. She takes this as him not necessarily being the type of strong man she wanted. The problem I have with that analogy is simple. We have made black men feel they should be hard so much that any sign of emotion is treated as a weakness. Because of that, a lot of them hold a lot in, which is not good for either party in the long run. I admire the fact that he knew he had a problem and he did something about it. He did something to take care of his mental well-being which takes strength sometimes. But this is only the honeymoons, hopefully once they get home and really get to know each other she will see how great they are as a couple.


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  1. Karen and Miles

    The experts should do better and be experts there is no reflection of commonality, qualifications for candidacy nor grace. Karen is toxic with Miles in a sweet undercurrent way.

    Karen has serious issues and truly seems unattracted to Miles. Miles needs to have a serious candidate who has an interest in him and wants to truly be married. There’s only one person sacrificing and thats Miles. Karen has no interest in this man and has some deep rooted mental issues that needs to be address prior to another relationship.

    Miles your my hero! Your behavior is amazing, your parents did a good job but you need to make a grown up decision regarding your mate. The Bible says a Man that finds a wife finds a good thing. You did not find her.

    Forgive, it was a learning experience and move on. Your CV is out there. A great wife is being prepared for you. Hopefully a true Christian

    Olivia and Brett are another sad couple with no commonalty expect both wants a relationship. What a mismatch! Shame on you MAFS experts who matched them. Maybe you should consider another career . Brett has serious issues and needs lots of therapy prior to having a relationship.

    Christine and Henry its like going to the dentist and receiving a root canal. Its obvious there was no common interest no bond. Whoever interviewed them and put them and Olivia and Brett together should be fired.

    The Best couples

    Armani and Woody
    Bravo and congratulations. My pray is that you both make and put God first as the center of your relationship and sky is the limits. Armani please beware how you sometimes speak to Woody he is a man and man remember everything and once its out there you can’t take it back.

    He seems like a wonderful person please honor him as the man he is suppose to be because he seems to be all in it. Grace for the both of you. And to be gracious. Grace!

    Amelia and Bennet

    There seems to be allot of common interest and hopefully you both will soar. As a couple, theres amazing energy between you both, may you both continue to grow and prosper in health, loving marriage.

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