Smartass & Sass

Anyone who knows me knows; sarcasm is my second language. Heck, sometimes it’s my first! πŸ˜‚ Due to that fact, I could not resist when I found out there was a subscription box for sarcasm lovers!

The original box gives you a variety of products that all apply to a different theme each month. Recently they expanded on that and added a sarcastic Tshirt box. Can’t decide which box you want? You don’t have to, you can opt for the ‘Big Box’ that includes the original box and the Tshirt in one box!

To give you an idea of the things you might recieve, I’m reviewing my last box below. This is what your typical box will look like:

The theme for this box was ‘That’s My Jam’ The first item is the dishcloth. Now, while the saying is cute, the texture is not really something I would use on a regular basis.

Now the Koozie on the other hand is just adorable and functional at the same time.

Almost all the boxes include some type of notepad or tablet and this one was no exception:

And what’s a pad without a pencil??

This cute little box is actually a planter that includes both the soil and seeds. So far I don’t have any growth just yet, so I guess I really can’t touch this! Corny, I know!

This box also includes this clever little spoon to make things a little interesting in the kitchen.

Now the cards are also a frequently included item. For people like me, who like the occasional paper correspondence in this mostly digital world it works.

This is probably my favorite item in the whole box. First of all I’m a major coffee addict so one with the bonus sarcastic quote is hitting the jackpot.

Of course if you opt for the shirt as well, you would have received this shirt with this box. Trust me when I say it is definitely a conversation starter when you go out in public wearing it!

Find the box interesting? Give it a try and see what you think. You can use my code below for a 15% discount while you are at it!

Have you already tried it? Tell me your thoughts below!

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