About That Compliment

I have a problem with compliments. Always have. No idea why that is. For as long as I can remember when someone starts complimenting anything from looks, work or talents its makes me a little flustered. Mostly I try to change the subject, redirect the conversation or blow it off.

Normal people show appreciation, accept it for what it is and move on. Not me. At some point I have to figure it out. You know, act like an adult. We went away this weekend, as we met people they kept giving me compliments. More than once I didn’t know how to respond so instead, I said nothing. Do you know how that comes off? It comes off rude. Rude as hell! If anything, it appears that you are some stuck up….

Truth is, it goes back to my own insecurities that I have always had growing up. But have you ever noticed if people think you have no reason to be insecure they tend to blow you off when you try to explain what you feel? Its kind of like when someone smaller in size tells you they feel fat and you blow them off because you have soo much more weight to lose than they do. Well just because you don’t think someone should feel a certain way, does not make it so. We are own worst critics. Always.

Maybe the key is to learn to compliment instead of criticize. You know, those conversations we have with ourselves when we look in a mirror, try on a new dress or contemplate a career change. You know, the ones where we always find something wrong. Instead perhaps its time to force positivity only. Instead of letting insecurities impact choices, accept what is happening then go around it with a better attitude.

Its time to force myself out of my own comfort zone. Stop letting insecurities impact the decisions I make. First step? Accept a compliment with a simple Thank You. And Believe it.

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