Stop Waiting to Live!

As girls most of us were raised reading fairy tales where we strive to find our prince charming, once we have him life can begin. Somewhere along the way some of us are forgetting there is a whole life prior to finding the perfect spouse.

There is so much in the world to learn, experience and explore. Yes, finding your mate is important, but so is finding yourself. If you don’t learn and evolve, what are you bringing to the table when you find the perfect one? Suddenly you have nothing to talk about, no experiences to share and quite often no desire to step out of your comfort zone. So yes, you may have great physical chemistry, but believe it or not some men desire more than just sex if they are thinking long term commitment.

How often have you thought about all these things you are going to do? You watched a movie with a bunch of friends taking annual vacations together and got all motivated….for about 5 minutes. You went from all the excitement of imagining it as your crew, to all the reasons it won’t work. Stop thinking about why something can’t work or making excuses to not even try! You want to do something new, then do it. Make a list of all the new things you can do, both alone and with others that takes you out of your comfort zone. Once that list is complete, start making plans. Get people involved, be vocal about what you are doing – gives you less chance of backing out!

Between the day you were born and the day you leave this earth you should be aiming to make as many memories as possible. Stop watching other people on TV, Theaters and Social Media Live the best life they can while you make excuses and wait on a significant other. As I have been telling my friends, my next plan involves regular girl’s trips with them. Why? Because being married should not suddenly stop my connection with my girls. Those things that broaden your horizons and increase your creativity will only improve your relationships with your significant other. Despite what the fairy tales told us as children, your spouse is not solely responsible for your happiness.

What are you doing to step out of your comfort zone and make some new memories? I would love to know! Drop a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @ericaregina71


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