What happens when a writer has too much time on their hands? I write. A lot. What else is there to do?? There have been a lot of changes lately but one thing remains consistent, the need to get things down on paper, clear my mind so to speak. So here goes.

As a relationship writer it can sometimes get quite stressful dealing with everyone elses relationship concerns and questions in addition to my own personal obstacles. It’s all about balance. One thing I can not do is let anything impacting my personal life affect the way I handle my writing ventures or ultimate goals. Some relationships are meant to be, long lasting, enduring. Other relationships may only be fleeting, someone to teach you something in the moment. A stepping stone so to speak. An avenue towards reaching your true partner.

Think of it this way, each person you interact with teaches you something. Sometimes those lessons are positive, sometimes they are negative. Either way you either learned how you want to be treated and what your expectations are in a mate or you learned what you simpley will not be able to accept.

Personally I like to think of it this way. Each relationship that does not work out, for whatever reason, prepares you for the person you are ultimately meant to be with. You are wiser, more centered and more apt to appreciate all the things about them that may not have been present in your past relationships. Due to that fact I say this, breakups happen. Take a moment to deal with and accept the dissapointment then move forward. Do not let it hold you back or deter you from continuing to reach for the relationship you ultimately want. Giving up is never an option, life is simply too short. Keep pushing, your true happiness in a relationship may just be around the corner with that one person you are pushing away out of fear from the past.

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