My mind never stops. It’s in constant motion; a rotation of everything I should do and everything I’ve done. It’s exhausting. It’s also detrimental to my focus.

Lately I’m starting to realize and accept how important it is sometimes to just stop. Take a moment and do nothing. No ‘to do’ lists, no constant need to check things off a list. Just stop.

When was the last time you just took a moment to observe nature; to admire the beauty around you everyday? It’s so easy to get lost in the mundane day to day and forget to simply stop, breathe and enjoy the here and now.

There is something self destructive about choosing to blame yourself for someone else’s behavior. I have spent entirely too many years blaming myself if a friend, lover or family member did anything to hurt me. The question is why?
At some point I have to accept that not everything is my fault. I may not be able to control how someone treats me, but I can control what I allow to continue.

At some point most women have been given the wonderful advice to stay busy in order to stop thinking about some guy. But let’s be honest, how well does that really go over?
Friends mean well, they really do. But sometimes it’s hard to take advice, no matter how good when you are the one having the experience.
Staying busy serves two purposes. You don’t spend time going through the emotional turmoil of trying to figure out what he is doing and who he is doing it with. At the same time you are getting a lot done. Accomplishing the mini steps to a bigger dream, spending quality time with friends or learning something new you have always wanted to try. Think about it this way, while you are sitting around moping over some guy he is out living his life!