Women – Stop trying to Sell Yourself

As women we sometimes have a bad habit of putting ourselves on the auction block. Trying with everything in us to convince a man we are good enough, worthy of their love.

In the beginning this is a normal part of give and take; both parties trying to show all the attributes they bring to the table. But some of us take it too far. Some women never seem to turn it off; constantly trying to convince someone that they are good enough to be their girlfriend or wife. The question is why?

Instead of constantly trying to sell yourself; live your life. Let that man see you as you are; amazing, exceptional and unique. He should be pursuing you; trying to convince you he is good enough for you, not the other way around. Stop selling yourself short, women were created from man and should be loved, honored and cherished as such, not made to feel like an object on the auction block; know your worth.

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