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You Can Make a Difference

As a little girl I wanted to stop and help everyone I saw on the side of the road, give them a ride, bring them food or clothes… something. Of course I had a mother who was a lot more interested in keeping me safe than allowing this idea to develop. Especially my insistence that I would buy a van when I grew up so that I could drive them wherever they were trying to go. Of course at that time I didn’t know how much I would later hate driving or be directionally challenged getting anywhere.

As a child we envision being able to help everyone in some way, we think we can change the world. Somewhere along the way, we lose our childish ideas and start to get swamped by our day to day lives. Time, responsibilities and life get in the way. We decide that we can’t change the world all alone. Perhaps we can’t, but we can do something. There is no excuse for refusing to do anything to help others, one at a time. We are blessed with so much we are practically obligated to give back where we can. It only takes a moment to do something, whether you volunteer your time feeding the homeless once a month or take on helping abused or neglected children, it matters. It may not impact the world as a whole, but it impacts the life of that one person more than you may ever know.

Forgetting the Naysayers

For most of my life I can recall having a long list of things I wanted to do in both my business and personal life. Each time I would start to work on strategies and plans, making my lists and setting my organizer for success. But I always had this bad habit of saying too much to people I trusted about all the things I wanted to do. Inevitably someone would tell me why I shouldn’t do something; mostly it was why I should not do all the something’s I wanted to do.

There is one bit of advice that has stuck in my head for years. It was quite simply that my desire to try to do so many things at once would mean they would all fail. Basically because I would be spreading myself too thin and none of these things would be getting 100% of my focus. Based on that advice, a lot of things were put on the back burner, allowing one endeavor at a time to be the primary focus.

Today, I had an epiphany. How can anyone know what I can or can’t do, if I don’t know? It’s very easy to tell someone that trying to do something won’t work, if it doesn’t work for you. However, you have no idea what that person is made of or what their true potential is. For me, I always do better when I’m busy, focused on more than one thing. My mind is always going, thinking of things I need to be doing, things that need my attention. So starting now, it’s about forgetting what ‘everybody’ says and doing what I feel. I may make mistakes along the way, but I will learn from them and keep on pushing. In the end, when I am gone, I want to be remembered for a long list of accomplishments and deeds that tell you who I was, not just one thing I did well.

Blog Challenge

Feeling the need to start my first Blog Challenge just to really get this blog off the ground and increase my followers. Rules are simple, min of 1 blog per day for 30 days starting 9/9/13 and ending Oct. 8th (Feel free to join me and/or share this)

Ladies – Check the Negative Attitude

If every single thing about your life seems to make you complain, what exactly are you grateful for?? Lately I have noticed a trend of women on social media sites that seem to hate everything about their lives. If they are not bashing the men in their lives they are complaining about the lack of good men out there.

But let’s think about something. If you are always complaining and negative, what makes you think a potential mate will take the risk of approaching you? A man wants to know that you do something besides complain, that you do let go and have fun sometimes. Sometimes women forget that men check them out on social networks just like we check them out. That “I don’t need a Man” attitude screams from some posts, the problem is men like to be needed. I’m not saying a woman should not be independent, but a man does have to know he is appreciated for what he brings into your life.

Body Image Love

You stand in the mirror and find something wrong with everything you see. Perhaps you turn down the lights or use candles for any and every intimate moment with your mate. Outfits you used to love now make you cringe. Almost every moment of your day may make you feel uncomfortable or insecure in your own skin. The question is; what are you doing about it?

Realizing something is wrong with your confidence and your body image is difficult to accept. Friends and family may attempt to give you advice and feedback; however nothing will change until you make the decision to change. The key is figuring out what is holding you back?

Sometimes the thought of everything you would like to achieve is a daunting task, whether it’s major weight loss or simply taking much better care of your health. The best thing to do is think of it in small increments of what you can do; make your immediate goals as small as you need to for your individual process whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Drastic changes at once may be too much to stick to so start out giving yourself one goal at a time and reevaluating on a regular basis to set new goals or tweak the current ones as needed.