Ladies – Check the Negative Attitude

If every single thing about your life seems to make you complain, what exactly are you grateful for?? Lately I have noticed a trend of women on social media sites that seem to hate everything about their lives. If they are not bashing the men in their lives they are complaining about the lack of good men out there.

But let’s think about something. If you are always complaining and negative, what makes you think a potential mate will take the risk of approaching you? A man wants to know that you do something besides complain, that you do let go and have fun sometimes. Sometimes women forget that men check them out on social networks just like we check them out. That “I don’t need a Man” attitude screams from some posts, the problem is men like to be needed. I’m not saying a woman should not be independent, but a man does have to know he is appreciated for what he brings into your life.

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