Body Image Love

You stand in the mirror and find something wrong with everything you see. Perhaps you turn down the lights or use candles for any and every intimate moment with your mate. Outfits you used to love now make you cringe. Almost every moment of your day may make you feel uncomfortable or insecure in your own skin. The question is; what are you doing about it?

Realizing something is wrong with your confidence and your body image is difficult to accept. Friends and family may attempt to give you advice and feedback; however nothing will change until you make the decision to change. The key is figuring out what is holding you back?

Sometimes the thought of everything you would like to achieve is a daunting task, whether it’s major weight loss or simply taking much better care of your health. The best thing to do is think of it in small increments of what you can do; make your immediate goals as small as you need to for your individual process whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Drastic changes at once may be too much to stick to so start out giving yourself one goal at a time and reevaluating on a regular basis to set new goals or tweak the current ones as needed.

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