5 Tips to Keeping the Spark in your Relationship!

Women complain frequently that time and life eventually starts to get in the way of their relationship. After awhile, dates are out the window, appearance is no longer a priority and communication is practically nonexistent. The key is making sure you put in the time and attention to make sure that doesn’t happen!

  1. Make  date night a priority. Set aside one night a week that the two of you can spend doing something alone. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it’s something you both enjoy doing together. Go to a movie, take a cooking class together, go hiking, visit a museum, have a picnic….the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to maintain it; barring an emergency; every effort should be made to set and keep date nights.
  2. Keep up appearances. Being in a relationship is not an excuse to don sweatpants and old t-shirts. Take the time to put your self together before seeing the man in your life; he’s worth the extra effort!
  3. Check in. Life can be hectic; putting out one fire after another. But take a moment during each day to call, text or email. You may not have time for a long discussion, but let him know he’s on your mind, see how his day is going or just say Hello!
  4. Put away the crystal ball! Contrary to popular belief, men can’t read your mind. If something is bothering you, talk about it. Talk, not nag, there is a difference! Open and honest communication is key.
  5. Take the Initiative. When was the last time you made the first move? Send him a racy photo, text him explicit instructions of what you would like to do later, buy something lacy. There is so much you can do! Not only will he  be surprised, he may just get home in record speed!

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